"Polywood is a great place to share insight about all things poly! Great selection of workshops and activities every year, in a beautiful environment. Even though it is a mixed event, not aimed specifically at the LGBTT2IQA community, I feel embraced as a queer/bi/trans/androgyne there. Not only are there people of a wide variety of sexual orientations and gender identities in attendance and on staff, the rules make it very clear that attendees need to avoid assumptions and that bigotry of any kind isn't tolerated. I encourage new and veteran poly or non-monogamous folks alike to attend if you get the chance!"

"2019 was the first year my nesting partner and I attended Polywood.  It was a magical experience.  I felt so welcome, so safe to be myself and so surrounded by my people.  The sessions were sometimes fun, sometimes seriously and always engaging.  I’ve made friends and memories I’m sure I will keep for the rest of my life.  Counting the days to next year…."

"Great introduction to mind opening, loving, ethical, progressive ways of relating" 

"A great chance to meet poly folk in a beautiful setting to share our experiences, knowledge and so much laughter. The only problem with Polywood is that it's too short."

- Non-binary 48yr old

NOT a hook-up event! Weekend of learning and sharing while camping in a beautiful space. Philosophical talks and practical workshops. All around great people!"

- Poly Montrealer

"Amazing! Wonderful, expansive, connective, informing!

Thanks for the loving space you created."