Polywood 2020 - Online Edition!

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Polywood 2020 - Online Edition!

Time & Location

Aug. 22, 2020, 7:00 p.m. – Aug. 29, 2020, 8:30 p.m.
Via Zoom Online Meetings

About The Event

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Polywood camping event will not be taking place this year. That being said, our community is important to us and we still want to connect with you. We are excited to announce that we will be offering a selection of our talks online via Zoom! You can see the full descriptions of our offerings below.  You can purchase tickets for each talk individually and any ticket purchase also grants you access to our Virtual Wine and Cheese to be held on August 22nd.

All talks will take place between 7pm and 8:30 pm Eastern Time.

Some talks may have a maximum number of participants. If a talk is sold out and you were not able to purchase a ticket, please email us at polywood.camping@gmail.com so that we can determine the feasibility of adding another session. 

Polywood values community and the sharing of ideas and information and we do not want financial hardship to be a barrier for anyone hoping to attend our events. Polywood has limited scholarship funds available. Email us at polywood.camping@gmail.com for more information.

We will greatly miss our seeing you this summer and hope to see you all in person next year.

Until then, love well, live well, and be safe.


Sat. Aug 22 - Polywood Wine and Cheese

A Polywood tradition in a new format! Join us via Zoom to chat and catch up with the Polywood community. BYOB ;) 

Please add a ticket to your order. If you are buying entry to any other talk, use the coupon code PW2020 to get this ticket free.

Sun. Aug 23 - Polyamory 101 - Hosted by Psykhe and Stephen

What is polyamory? How does it work? How is it not just cheating? Is it the same thing as swinging or polygamy? What's a “Triad”? Don't you ever get jealous? How can you build solid, healthy relationships that work? Join us to explore answers to these questions and more in this introduction for those new to poly and those curious about what polyamory is and isn't.

Mon. Aug 24 - Communication Skills 101 – Hosted by Lukayo

It seems every website and book on polyamory talks about how communication is key. But what does that mean? In this workshop, we'll review how we communicate and what we communicate. How we communicate includes cultural differences on body language, words, emotions/tones, love languages, apology languages, social styles theory, non-violent techniques, fierce techniques, Thomas-Kilman conflict modes, trauma responses, etc. What we communicate includes wants, needs/deal-breakers, boundaries, consequences, requests, and vulnerability. Folks who sign up ahead of time will get an email with various communication quizzes that they can discuss the results of during breakout groups.

Tues. Aug 25 - Safer Sex Conversations – Hosted by Ellen and Ian

This workshop will cover the why's, when's and how's of having a safer sex conversation, including both the physical and emotional aspects. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a practical understanding of how to have a safer sex conversation that is informative, responsible, fun, and possibly even hot! No late entry. Individual devices required.

Wed. Aug 26 - Sex worker Q&A – Hosted by Erynn, M.L., Onyx Vespertine

Sex work is the world's oldest profession and one of the least protected trades. Hear from three people who have spent years in the industry about their experience. They will share how they stayed safe, the effect it had on their relationships, and how one retired. Additional topics covered will be diversity within the industry and the effect of the newest laws. Only those 18 years and older will be permitted to attend. This is not solicitation or a how-to talk, this is informative only. This is a sex positive safe space

Thurs. Aug 27 - Metamour Relationships – Hosted by Psykhe and Stephen

Just as each of your relationships are unique, so are your relationships with your partners’ other partners, often called metamours. It can be important to consider how to navigate the potentially complex web of relationships with your metamours. How can you accommodate everyone’s needs, wants and expectations? Join us for a talk about how metamour relationships can develop and function and handy tips on evading troublesome roadblocks. We will cover methods of conflict resolution, baggage awareness, dealing with jealousy, tolerance vs acceptance, and more.

Fri. Aug 28 - Relationship Anarchy 201 – Hosted by Lukayo

How do we have the hard conversations to negotiate multiple relationships beyond the prescribed and unjust hierarchies that exist inside ourselves and in the systems outside of us? In this workshop, Lukayo will be coming from the position of relationship anarchy as cultivating relationships that apply anarchist principles (i.e. freedom, consent, mutual aid, the abolition of unjust hierarchies, etc.). Check out the Wikipedia article for a basic run-down. Relationship Anarchy 201 will focus on how to self-educate on, talk about, and negotiate logistics that are mindful of power dynamics created by institutional oppression (i.e. interracial partners, disabled partners with non-disabled partners, hypersexual partners with asexual partners, romantic partners with aromantic partners, etc., etc.). Though political direct actions are an important part of relationship anarchy, this workshop will not be focusing on that aspect, except for visions around intentional household building that isn't based on couples.

Sat. Aug 29 - Enter the Multiverse – Non-Monogamy Meets Sex and Gender Diversity – Hosted by SparklePony

Pansexual, asexual, demi-sexual, intersex, cisgender… Whether you’re monogamous, “monogamish” or polyamorous, dating in this 21st Century means thumbing your way through a vast universe of potential playmates and partners, each one more tantalizing than the last. Sex and gender diversity offer new worlds of possibilities for the intrepid traveller to explore… and novel ways to put your foot in your mouth. If you want to “taste the rainbow” but aren’t sure where to begin, join us on this elementary safety briefing before you lift off to adventure!

Host Information:

Ellen and Ian are life partners, who are passionate about creating community through their involvement in numerous organizations to promote education, awareness and understanding. Whether it’s leading a lunchtime running group, trail building mountain bike paths, or opening their home for poly-positive events, they create a fun and safe space for everyone. They lead a monthly discussion groupcalled “Open by Design” for people who are in polyamorous relationships, or who wish to explore ethical non-monogamy.

Erynn has been in the industry of sex work for 5 years. Privileged to have had only good experiences

she hopes to share her knowlege and de-mystify this highly stigmatized profession in a safe and honest way.

Lukayo Estrella is an artist, educator, and healer from the Bikol diaspora who currently resides in Gichissippi/Odaawaa/Ottawa, on the unceded and unsurrendered territories of the Omàmiwininiwak (Algonquin-Anishinaabeg peoples), as well as the Anishinabewaki, Haudenosaunee, and Wyandot. They have over 7 years experience in the field of social work and have been practicing consensual non-monogamy since they were 16 years old. Check out www.Lukayo.com for more information.

M.L. is a nerdy, queer, feminist, kinky, extroverted introvert, polyamorous, chocolate loving, gender queer person. M.L. began sex work at a very young age and spent years enjoying their work as a professional submissive. They are hoping to return to that work at some point in the future and wishes there was more open and honest discussion, support, and awareness of this profession as a whole: the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, complex …

Onyx Vespertine began as a dominatrix trainee when they were 19 years old, and has been a supporter of sex worker rights since their 20s, though has not been a provider for long time. They have recently re-entered the field in their 30s as a Sacred Intimate, a provider whose main focus is the client's (or clients') healing around pleasure and/or sexual trauma through providing services that include coaching, somatics, ritual, and sex work. Onyx also wants to raise awareness at how the industry treats BlPOC sex workers, especially fat and/or trans folks.

Psykhe is a secret agent by day, defending our nation from shadowy threats with numbers & her mind. By night: a thoughtful, engaging polyamorous gal who marshals her degree in Cognitive Science, keen logic, practised empathy, & years of experience with poly's ups, downs, & in-betweens to act as a poly ambassador.

SparklePony aka Mathieu, an avid life adventurer, is a curious, insightful, passionate, and empathetic person. By day, he channels his energy and creativity towards helping Canadians to live healthier, smoke-free lives. He is currently enrolled in a leadership and facilitation program which he hopes to leverage to bring more empathy, compassion and understanding to our hurting, fractured world. Mathieu enjoys an eclectic set of hobbies and passions including meditation, sports and physical fitness and singing loudly while playing the guitar.

Stephen wields his many years experience navigating various types of complex poly relationships for the powers of good. Mostly. He is passionate, empathic, more than meets the eye, & disturbingly knowledgeable about CBRNE warfare. He is an avid photographer, likes bad puns, good beer, & rocks a kilt

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