Our Story

In the beginning (aka 2013) there was an idea… to run away and join the circus… but alas, there was no circus to be found. So the idea morphed into creating a safe place for people in, or curious about, ethically open relationships to build a community.

In 2015, Polywood was launched to allow Polyamorus folks to come together for a weekend every year to meet and learn from each other in the comfort of the great outdoors.

Ever since the inception of Polywood the event organizers have been dedicated to fostering the growth of a healthy Polya community and look forward to continuing to do so for many more years…

… until a circus happens along…

Just kidding… we can do both! It’s the Polya way! (we are terrible at choosing just one when we have options….)

Please note, Polywood is an inclusive event. We endeavour to create an open, welcoming, and safe place for people of all ethnicities, all backgrounds, and all gender expressions.